Board Positions

  • Secretary: The secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular and Executive Board meetings and report to the membership at each meeting. All minutes should be sent to the EP Rock Elementary office for posting on the website. Additional secretary duties include writing and submitting the EP Rock Parent Group information for the EP Rock monthly newsletter.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator shall work with committee chairs and the Parent Group Board to fill needed volunteer positions for Parent Group events. They will also be responsible for organizing volunteers during the event.
  • Events Coordinator: This position is responsible for working with committee chairs and the Parent Group Board to organize Parent Group Events.

Committee Positions

  • Popcorn Friday: Pop popcorn, on site, for each classroom using our LARGE popcorn machine. Purchase popcorn supplies, as needed, with reimbursement from Parent Group. Make all kids and teachers smile! They LOVE Popcorn Friday!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: We are lucky to have the most amazing teachers at EP Rock. This position is responsible for planning daily activities, with funds from the Parent Group, to show our teachers how much we appreciate all they do.
  • Box Tops Co-Coordinator: Box Tops are an easy way for us to earn extra money for our school. The responsibilities of this position include: organize two Box Tops drives per school year, recruit volunteers to help count Box Tops per grade, submit collected Tops for reimbursement, and arrange prize(s) for winning class.

The E.P. Rock Parent Group is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the educational and social experiences of our students.

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